Three-Section Woven Bamboo Screen

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These rustic bamboo three-panel screens are fashioned from split, woven bamboo and have a variety of uses. Pre-treated for weather resistance, they are perfect as a balcony sun screen and privacy barrier or a garden and pool accent. 

This eco-friendly screening can also be used as an air conditioner cover, pet enclosure or attractive architectural detail in your outdoor patio or landscape. Woven bamboo fencing also works well as a trellis for trailing vines.

The rope-hinged panels can be separated for individual use or combined with other sets.

  • Each of the three panels measures 40"w x 40"h for a total length of 10 feet.
  • While bamboo skin is naturally water repellent, we recommend annual application of water repellent to maintain appearance.
  • The screen can be be positioned for use freestanding. For straight line application support is required.
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