Buddha with Lotus Wall Panel 3-Piece

SKU: 2042-1008
COMING SOON. Please contact us at info@biggrassliving.com or 210-735-7999.
Our large  collection of buddha images includes a wide range of styles, representing  both classic and stylized figures. All of our buddha images are hand-made by artisans in their home countries using natural and sustainable materials such as stone, bronze and hand carved wood. We import directly from artisans in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia.
 Enhance a spiritual retreat in your home and  garden with the iconic presence of Buddha.
Add exotic style to your hospitality project or Yoga space.

This large-scale cast sandstone Buddha with Lotus 3 piece wall panel makes a stunning focal point for your garden or interior space.

Steel reinforced internally for strength.

Hand-formed, sanded concrete, richly textured.

Requires a sturdy structure for vertical mounting and installation. 

May be stained or tinted.

Can be adapted for use as a water feature.

72" W x 56" H 


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