Acacia Wood Fern Plaques: 10 Pcs/unit. Unit Price: $46.50

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The rough, saw-cut texture of these plaques not only holds moisture, it provides the ideal surface for roots to attach. Most pieces are two-tone with a light outer ring and darker center, and with or without bark on the exterior. Some have a natural hollow in the center. Each one has a mounting hole in the back.

Sold as 10 pcs. per unit

10"-12" diameter, 1.75" thick, approx.


The Naturals Planter Collection
Reduce unnecessary waste and labor costs, and give customers what they love: a healthy, natural, long-term home for orchids, bromeliads and ferns. Our Coconut Coirs, Teakwood Orchid Baskets and Acacia Wood Fern Plaques are handcrafted from materials that match the natural habitat of tropical plants. They reduce the need to transfer young plants or to hide unsightly plastic liner pots with costly slip covers. 

Our Naturals Collection gives plants the home they need to finish and flourish.

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