Burmese Spirit House

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This antique Burmese spirit house is beautifully crafted and meticulously detailed from hand-carved wood. Red exterior walls are adorned with delicate painted gold carvings. Stairs lead to the interior alcove, where a regal balcony wraps around the structure. A two-tiered roof with soft blue carved cornices and fascia adds to the majestic presence of this original piece. 

A spirit house is a shrine to provide shelter for spirits which otherwise might cause mischief for humans if not appeased. Common throughout Southeast Asia, most houses and businesses have a spirit house placed in an auspicious spot selected by a Buddhist monk. Food and incense offerings are placed at the house to satisfy the spirits. Usually in the form of a miniature house or a temple, these hand-crafted wooden shrines are rich with architectural detail. 

  • 27"w x 44"h x 18"d 

We travel the world on the lookout for functional pieces that age and wear have transformed into art. These original rustic pieces reflect the tradition, design skills and quality local materials combined to solve everyday transportation, construction and domestic necessities throughout different eras and cultures.

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