Hanging Pollen Planters - w/Bell: 4 pcs/unit. Unit Price: $79.40

SKU: 5001-1020
Pieces per Unit: 4, Price per piece:: 19.85

We listened to you — we had our artisan producer resize the length of this custom design to provide you an even better price point. A weather-proof cord connects two spherical planters, each with a unique pollen grain texture, and finished with the choice of a terracotta bird or metal bell finial.

Handcrafted from durable fired clay, this piece makes a beautiful all-in-one kitchen herb garden and a great home for bromeliads, tillandsias and small tropicals. Each planter includes two two-holed planters hand-formed into different shapes and surface textures inspired by nature.

Expect some variations in design and shape.

Sold as 4 pcs per unit

Pollen grain 5"-6.5" d, height adjustable to 48"

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