Indigo Batik Tablet Pouch

SKU: 3002-1039
Title: Batik Tablet Pouch, Size: 11" h x 7.5" w

This pouch is both practical and eye-catching. An intricate indigo batik pattern on the front flap works beautifully against rich cream- and midnight-colored hemp. In addition to a padded tablet pocket , the blue cotton-lined interior features a pull strap to easily remove devices and compartments for credit or business cards, glasses and pens. The main flap is doubly secure with a magnetic snap closure tab. The sturdy hand strap makes for easy carrying.


These soft, tailored purses, tablet protection cases and sweet bags are handcrafted in Vietnam by members of the Hmong Hill Tribe. Each piece is made from natural hemp that feels much like rich, thick linen, then beautifully detailed with traditional hand-stitched designs, authentic batik or reverse applique embroidery. Symbolic details featured represent different family groups and the marital status of the artisan.

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