Teakwood Square Vanda Baskets

SKU: 2021-1007

Handmade from plantation teak wood, these meticulously crafted baskets replace unattractive plastic containers that are often disguised with plastic or clay pots. Open construction of rot-resistant wood provides a great start for rhizomes and a lasting home for orchids and other epiphytes to flourish. These teak wood baskets work beautifully as tabletop planters and can be easily converted to hanging baskets with our durable wire hangers.

  • An optimal environment for air root growth
  • Versatile and handsome, both indoors and out
  • Ideal for a variety of plants: orchids, ferns, bromeliads, violets, small tropicals
  • Available in three sizes: 6" - small, 8" - medium, 10" - large
  • Order by the dozen (sets of 12) for 15% discount
  • 30" wire hangers available for $2.50 each
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