Sweetheart Collectibles: Boy with Fishing Pole : 4 pcs/unit. Unit Price: $79.40

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Our customers are so smitten with this series that we had our producer add three newcomers: a cowboy, a boy reading a book, and a girl reading a book. And they are as charming as their three friends: a boy fishing (bamboo pole and fish included), his fishing buddy – a girl holding a basket – and a girl offering her heart.

Give Sweethearts a place to sit, indoors or out, individually or in groups. Prepare for customers to start their collection and return for more!

Handmade from durable, weather-resistant fired clay. Pieces vary slightly in texture, smiles  and detail.

Sold as 4 pcs per unit (must be purchased in pairs by style or all 4 of the same style per unit)

Dimensions: 9" h x 6" w x 9" d


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