Sample Paver Piece: Wood Grain Concrete Paver (unstained)

Product Info

Only 1 (one) piece can be bought online. For project quantity orders, please contact us at info@biggrassliving.com to receive a freight quote. See more details below under PRICING & SHIPPING.

These beautiful and highly versatile molded concrete pavers are the sustainable, do-it-yourself alternative to typical flagstone, manufactured pavers or formed and poured concrete patios and walkways. Environmentally friendly, the pavers can be easily removed and reused.

Big Grass is the only US source for these Wood Grain Concrete Pavers.

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Composition and color

  • Handmade in Thailand, the robust grain pattern is created using latex molds of heavily weathered teak wood planks, lending natural, long-lasting sophistication to gardens, patios, pool sides or entryways.
  • The pavers are offered in an unstained, light gray concrete. Custom color staining and sealing after installation is easily accomplished using concrete stain/sealant products available at home improvement stores. This coloring and sealing step also provides protection for use in areas of freezing temperatures.

Dimensions and installation

  • 8" x 15.5" x 2" thick. Several different molds are used to avoid any obvious repetition in paver pattern.
  • For estimating purposes, use a factor of 1.16 pavers per square foot if installing with solid coverage. We recommend adding 5% additional pieces to your order for waste and cuts during installation.
  • If using the installation pattern shown featuring the open square for stone/gravel fill-in, deduct approximately 12% from the total quantity needed for your installation.
  • The pavers can be easily installed as part of any existing landscape design, requiring only a coarse sand base over firm, level ground. Due to their larger surface area, these pavers don't move or settle as easily as smaller, brick-style pavers. Installation is quicker and easier, resulting in savings on installation.
  • For foot traffic only, install over compact, level soil with sand for leveling, or preferably, a suitably prepared standard compacted paver base material.
  • For vehicle traffic we recommend application over poured concrete.
  • The pavers can be cut and shaped as needed using a standard wet saw or angle grinder.


A sample paver may be ordered online or by calling us at (210) 735-7999. To order a single sample online, please enter 1 in the quantity field above. This piece will ship at UPS ground rates. Project quantity orders will ship via freight at MUCH lower per/piece rates.

We ship from our San Antonio, TX warehouse using an economical freight consolidator. To estimate shipping charges to your location, please use these example destinations for approximate freight charges for a crated order of 120 paver pieces with lift gate service (2200 lbs approx.) to these cities: Portland OR: $450, Los Angeles CA: $395, Dallas TX: $310, Denver CO: $385, Miami FL: $450, Atlanta GA: $365, Boston MA: $600. These charges can vary over time due to available cargo space, fuel charges and time of year.

For a shipping quote for your specific address, contact us at info@biggrassliving.com. Please provide the delivery address (indicate commercial or residential), the quantity of pavers needed for your project, and whether a dock or forklift is available for off-loading. Freight quotes will include lift gate service unless you indicate that you have a forklift or dock for off-loading at the destination. Lift gate services are charged by the freight carrier at a rate of $75 to $85.

Please read the information above regarding estimating project quantities needed, freight, ordering and basic installation instructions.