The Ong® Jar Story

Growing up in northern Thailand, Duang Hanesworth and her family collected drinking water from giant rainwater catchment vessels outside their home –common in a country where natural resources are painstakingly conserved and recycled.

Duang now lives in San Antonio with her husband John, importing the vessels they have coined the “Ong® jar” (ong refers to storage vessel in Thai). Thanks to their efforts, these gracefully formed, hand-crafted jars have been appearing in gardens, on patios, on front lawns throughout Texas and other parts of the United States.

“Ong® jars are such a natural solution and aesthetically appealing alternative to the plastic and metal collection vessels. People here who see them love the shape and respond to the size, which breaks the mental barriers of what a pot can be and how it can be used.”

John Hanesworth, Big Grass Co-Owner