Use and Care


Where should I place my Ong® jar?

Ong® Jars by Big Grass are compatible with both rain chains and downspouts; they can also be positioned under roof valleys.

The ideal base is made up of four or more 1-square-foot concrete pavers, spaced one inch apart to allow for air space under the jar.

How do I keep debris, mosquitoes and algae out of the Ong® jar?

Nylon mosquito netting can be cut and tied around the lip of the jar to filter debris and to prevent mosquitoes from entering the vessel. Firmly securing the lid that comes with the jar also discourages mosquito breeding and algae growth.

How do I preserve the look of my Ong® jar?

Big Grass stains Ong® jars to enhance their color and appearance. Commercially available concrete sealers maintain the finish.

How do I best use my Ong® jar for irrigation and water catchment purposes?

With additional PVC pipe, the drain fitting at the bottom of the Ong Jar can be used to divert water to a distant faucet.

Ong® jars are designed for use with a hand-held hose or a soaker hose for landscape watering. If more pressure is desired for sprinkler watering, inexpensive 110v inline pumps are available at home improvement stores.

Using additional PVC tubing, the hose fitting connected to the jar can be used to divert water to a distant faucet or to combine the jars at several downspouts or valleys into an integrated larger household rainwater catchment system. Rainwater collection companies can provide for the necessary filtration and purification add-ons for household water use.

How do I clean my Ong® jar?

Ong® jars come with a drain plug to clean leaf or roof debris when needed. Simply drain your jar and hose out the interior, flushing debris out of the drain plug.

How do I move the Ong® jar?

If you need to reposition the jar, drain it thoroughly and remove the hose faucet. The vessel can be rolled on its side. Pad the vessel with blankets and remove any rocks or debris when moving it over rough ground. Ong™ jars are very durable, and in Thailand last 30 years or more with little to no maintenance.

How do I protect the Ong® jar from freezing temperatures?

Thoroughly drain the jar for the winter season. The threaded drain plug at the bottom of the vessel is intended for this purpose. Many plants remain dormant during the winter season, minimizing their watering needs.