Coconut Coir Planters: 10 pcs/unit. Unit Price: $64.50

Product Info

Highly versatile, with an organic feel that appeals to today’s customer, each planter is two-thirds of a coir husk that has been split and wired together for form. The rot-resistant, PH-neutral coir is rich in nutrients and naturally retains moisture to sustain a healthy root system.

Includes 30" galvanized three-wire hanger.

Sold as 10 pcs. per unit

Outside coir husk: approx. 7" d x 7" h. Inside opening: approx. 5"

The Naturals Planter Collection

Reduce unnecessary waste and labor costs, and give customers what they love: a healthy, natural, long-term home for orchids, bromeliads and ferns. Our Coconut Coirs and Teakwood Orchid Baskets are handcrafted from materials that match the natural habitat of tropical plants. They reduce the need to transfer young plants or to hide unsightly plastic liner pots with costly slip covers. 

Our Naturals Collection gives plants the home they need to finish and flourish.