Harvest Time

Double Link Copper Rain Chain

Discover the Art of Rainwater Harvesting

Now is the perfect time to clean rain gutters and harvest rainwater in Ong™ Jars from Big Grass. Copper rain chains (pictured below) are now available -- both in store and online. Rain chains act as linked funnels that are a decorative alternative to the cheerless gutter downspout.

          Ong Jar with Rain Chain & Teakwood Lid


October Home Improvement Checklist

Big Grass has what you need to cross a few other home improvement chores off your to-do list:

Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Spruce up your surroundings with beautiful Big Grass home decor, made from natural materials:

  • Antique well buckets filled with grain, herb & seed bundles
  • Banana fiber orbs & Kanok lanterns for candles with warm, fall scents
  • Noi lighting with warm, colorful hues that add ambiance to any room
  • Reclaimed wooden branches with whimsical, hand-crafted sculptures


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