Travel with Big Grass: Inspired by Bourdain

Big Grass owners John and Duang Hanesworth travel regularly around the world to meet with vendors and select new products for the store. Share their experiences and insights through John’s periodic blog entries.

I like Anthony Bourdain. A lot. We share the same values about travel, experience, life. Like Bourdain, I avoid canned experiences. I prefer authenticity. Homogeneity is what makes the world so much smaller and duller. That’s why Duang and I are so committed to Big Grass.

 Bourdain’s range of experience is huge, from chef to writer to traveler. He is a searcher, and his narratives speak of ideal places for him to call home, at least for a while. Not unlike my own, his tastes run from Michelin-starred restaurants to noodle stands on a street corner in Southeast Asia.

 He is self-conscious enough to avoid high-brow talk about food and wine, preferring instead the enjoyment of the experience over fussy technique and bombast. I think his early rebellious days inform his attitude and wanderlust; kind of blasé, but always ready for a surprise.

So now you know why we want our Big Grass community to experience Anthony Bourdain. Help us “Go for the Gusto” and win tickets to his show in SA Nov. 8, courtesy of Big Grass. 

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