Recycling is in Bloom

Established in 2006, Bloom set out to provide decent work for disadvantaged Cambodians. Its small studio space is a far cry from the dreadful factories that are so common in Cambodia. Bloom is also on a mission to chip away at the unspeakable human trafficking and sexual slavery issues of Cambodia today. The women that are employed by Bloom create hip, colorful bags made from recycled rice and fish feed bags. Bloom’s Website tells the stories of the women’s awful living conditions prior to their involvement with the studio.

If helping Cambodian women find fulfilling jobs with fair pay AND recycling plastic doesn’t sell you, the bags themselves will. Not only are they beautiful and artful, but they are also strong, well-made bags and are great for lugging around books or groceries. They would make a fantastic gift, too! Big Grass now carries many styles of Bloom’s bags, from messengers and grocery totes to toiletry bags and wallets. Your purchase help Bloom help the environment and women around the globe.


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