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Posted on October 28 2009, By: Elizabeth Molina

When Duang and I founded Big Grass Bamboo in 2006, we committed to a philosophy of sustainable living and bringing global culture to San Antonio. Our goal was to celebrate exquisite design, preserve artistic traditions and craftsmanship being lost to mass production, and help support the growing community of people who care about sustainability and the future of our planet.

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve grown to become the premier retailer of sustainable home & garden decor in Texas. We’re continuing to grow across the nation as a brand that represents the whole range of choices for a sustainable lifestyle.

A New Look
To mark our evolution, we’ve re-launched with a new name and logo that represents our distinctive lifestyle brand. Our new logo reflects the sophistication and style we see in you and all our customers, while the bamboo element – central to our company’s focus – continues to be a symbol of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Beyond Bamboo
Now we’ve grown beyond bamboo, carrying a wide range of items that represent broad cultural diversity and many design styles from traditional, contemporary and modern collections. The showroom is a treasure trove of furniture and accents for every room, historical artifacts, contemporary accessories, spa & bath items, gifts and fashion clothing.

In short, you’ll find a bit of everything for a lifestyle that values quality, design, style and sustainability. We call that the Big Grass lifestyle. Casually elegant, relaxed, distinctive and globally conscious.

We’re excited about Big Grass’ evolution and invite you to join us. Visit our showroom. Suggest features for our online store. Participate in events that support the Big Grass lifestyle. Follow our journeys to Asia and Latin America in our newsletters. Share your stories with us on our blog so the entire Big Grass community benefits. And you can always get in touch with us via email.

Looking forward to sharing a Big Grass life with you!

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