Shopping Local: Humble House Foods

The newest products to hit Big Grass come by way of two local artisans. Luis Morales and Marsha Millegan of Humble House Foods recently began creating their line of gourmet foods that include the most divine cheeses we’ve ever tasted, as well as tampanades, pesto, and hummus.

We are very excited to be offering Humble House Food products at Big Grass. We had a chance to ask Luis a few questions about Humble House Foods.

What school did you and attend and what was your main focus?
I attended Lee High School, as did Marsha. She also attended North East School of the Arts. Then we both attended college at SAC. I also attended and graduated culinary school from the Culinary Institute of America San Antonio two years ago.

How did you get involved in making cheese and other food products?
Since I graduated culinary school I have worked in many restaurants, country clubs, hotels, etc. I knew that I was tired of working hard for someone else and not getting paid well, so I wanted to have a business of my own. We looked at many different ideas with making various foods. We decided to go with cheese mostly because of the lack of capital that we had to start the business. Cheese is inexpensive to make. With the added bonus of no one else in San Antonio making cheese, it seemed like a winner.

What is your most popular product?
We don’t just make cheese, we make various other products like pesto, hummus, tapenade, roasted sun-dried tomato, and roasted garlic. Among the cheeses, our Camembert is the best seller.

What products do you hope to offer in the future?
In about a month we will have blue cheese and a washed rind cheese. I would like to offer more aged cheeses like cheddar and Swiss. As far as other non-cheese products go, I don’t have a comprehensive plan but we would like to offer cured and smoked meats eventually.


I bought a jar of your Cilanto white cheddar pesto & ate it all in a few days. It was delicious – almost addicting. I purchased it at the New Braunfels Farmers Market & look forward to getting some more this next weekend. Bravo on a great product.

Your hummus is the best! I bought a jar at Sol Y Luna Bakery. Where can I find more of your products? Maureen

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