Another Year at Big Grass!

In spite of freezing temperatures and frozen plants, January, is a time of renewal—-new and better personal habits, a renewed energy in home and work efforts, and lots of new ideas and plans. I hope all of you have given thought to what is truly important in your life—family and friends first.

It’s hard to believe, but at Big Grass we are now beginning our fourth year of business! We have come a long way since January 2007, opening our doors, exhausted after a year spent cleaning and re-imagining the old auto repair shop that came before. With encouragement and suggestions from you, our customers, Big Grass has evolved into the largest source of eco-luxury products for home and garden in the state of Texas. New connections with artisan families, further travels, fresh discoveries and deepening relationships with our customers and design-trade partners fostered a natural arc of growth in our offerings and mission. We are committed to this spirit of adapting and evolving as opportunities and challenges arise. Nothing makes us more proud than when new customers remark how amazed they are with the store, or regular ones simply thank us for being here.

2010 is a turning point for San Antonio. New neighbors and ideas are arriving from out of state and beyond. The shape this growth and change will take is our choice to make: between locally-owned creative enterprises or big box, competition killing retailers, eating and entertainment options. Small businesses reinvest their earnings locally and foster an authentic, vibrant lifestyle. These hardworking neighbors make our house a home. With a small change in routine, or a different route home you never know what cool new business you might discover.

So, dine at a chef-owned restaurant, go out and see your favorite local band or performing arts group, visit galleries, choose original art, and shop your local retailers. Involvement like this is what it takes to have a thriving and diverse local business community.

Thank you for all of your support.
We hope to see you in 2010!

John and Duang Hanesworth, Liz Molina & Betsy O’Haugherty


I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it understanadlbe.

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