Bamboo in the Kitchen

Bamboo is highly sustainable, naturally free of chemicals, and of course, it’s beautiful. These things make it a great alternative to wood for use in the kitchen. Check out a few bamboo options Big Grass Bamboo provides for your kitchen:

Bamboo Flooring /Cabinetry / Countertops
Bamboo is a terrific and safe alternative to wood or other materials for counter tops and cabinetry. Big Grass Bamboo stocks Plyboo brand flooring and Plyboo, a bamboo ply product which uses urea formaldehyde-free adhesives. It can be used for countertops, cabinetry, tables, and anything else you can make from plywood. It is regarded as the best bamboo flooring and bamboo plywood on the market due to its superior hardness rating. All Plyboo products are made from the Moso species of bamboo, which grows to maturity in five to six years. A lot of inexpensive bamboo materials found in today’s marketplace have been harvested too early, resulting in a soft end product. The bamboo used in Plyboo products is harvested from a forest that requires no irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides making it one of the greenest options around.

Bamboo Cutting Boards / Plates / Bowls
Chop food not trees!
Big Grass Bamboo carries Bambu products made from Certified Organic bamboo and bonded with water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives. Each cutting board is hand shaped and finished. Their contemporary designs are indispensible and made to last. Bambu employs a collective that creates all their goods, which means workers have a voice in setting price and compensation. Bambu also joined with 1% For The Planet in 2005 and contributes over 1% of net sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment!

Bamboo Furniture and Accessories
Now that your flooring and cabinets have been installed and filled with Bambu dinnerware, you can focus on accessories. We have a variety of styles of dining tables made from Iron Bamboo which is solid and stronger than steel, yet lightweight and elegant. We even have bamboo booster chairs for the little ones. For the wine enthusiast, we have a sturdy and beautiful wine rack that makes an excellent gift. And don’t forget the bamboo toothpicks!

Stop by our store to see all the naturally gorgeous odds-and-ends to outfit your kitchen with sustainable bamboo!


I’m really amazed how bamboo is versatile and at the same time eco-friendly. Based on what I’ve read from here, bamboo countertops have many seams and require maintenance. But being a renewable material, seams and maintenance is a small price to pay.

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