Bamboo Serveware & Utensils

Make your kitchen efficient and attractive with these simple and beautiful bamboo serveware and utensils.

1. Have you ever made your own sushi? Give it a try! We have Bamboo Sushi Sets with everything you need to serve and enjoy your very own homemade sushi. Four place settings.$25

2. Coconut Shell Spoons are simply made yet artistic and useful. Every one is different! $8.50

3. Bambu Bowls and Trays are the perfect way to create a beautiful spread. Many shapes and sizes for your next party! $25-75

4. Everyone has a favorite tool they always reach for. Bambu Utensils are both durable and lightweight. Stir, Scoop, Spread, Serve…Naturally! $4.95-15


It’s woenfdrul to have you on our side, haha!

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