Brown is Beautiful!

The Edwards Aquifer Ecosystem of Central Texas is one of our most valuable, irreplaceable and endangered public treasures. The EPA recognizes it as a “Sole Source” water supply. It is the only source of drinking water for millions of Texans.

Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance has started a campaign to give bragging rights to all of us who are pitching in to conserve water this summer. There are three versions of yard signs available for display in your front yard that announce, “I’m not watering – I’m sharing my water with local farmers, our Hill Country springs, or Whooping Cranes.” GEAA members are aware of the need to maintain flows from the Comal and San Marcos springs to provide freshwater that Whooping Cranes (and river outfitters) rely upon for their livelihood. And, doesn’t it just make sense that scarce water resources are better used on food crops than on carpet grass? We want to get these signs out in our neighborhoods as soon as possible – all over the Hill Country! Will you help us spread the message that we all need to share our water resources during the hot summer months?

Yard signs sell for $15 each from GEAA’s office at 1809 Blanco Road in San Antonio. Big Grass Bamboo is also selling these signs on GEAA’s behalf at 637 W. Hildebrand in San Antonio. Please stop in! You can also order signs for $20 (post paid) via GEAA’s website.


Great hmaemr of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!

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